Nandrolone Laurate


Nandrolone Laurate is a steroid that is administered by injection and is one of the many nandrolones in the steroid market. It is a progestin with many positive effects that has made it popular with those who want to gain muscle and lose the fat in their systems. It has a great effect on the joints of the user and many people who have used it have noticed an increase in high quality muscle that does not demand a lot of maintenance.

It comes with the side effects of progestin since this is a progestin steroid. One of the side effects is the rearrangement of the hormones in your system. The body has a natural way of maintaining the balance of hormones and the artificial supply of hormones using nandrolone laurate disrupts this balance. One may have to deal with high progesterone levels after all, despite this steroid having a slow aromatization rate compared to others. This imbalance can be taken care of by taking anti-progestin steroids, which help to restore the balance but which come with their own side effects as well.

The upside of nandrolone laurate is its remarkable increase in protein synthesis among its users. Nitrogen is a compound needed to increase protein synthesis which in turn helps to build muscles. The muscles that develop when using nandrolone laurate are the lean muscles, meaning that you will gain strength but not necessarily bulkiness. It will help to cut off the fat in your system as well so this is recommended for overweight people. For athletes concerned about increasing power in their bodies rather than bulking, nandrolone laurate is recommended. You need to keep in mind however that the protein supply in your body has to be upped by dieting. It increases the red blood cells in your system and promotes healing after strenuous exercises. It increases the strength in the bones by increasing calcium levels.

Nandrolone laurate stays in the body for longer compared to many nandrolones. This may not be attractive especially for those who are involved in competitive sports. For anyone looking to gain good quality muscles over a long period of time, nandrolone laurate is highly recommended. It is not as concentrated in its injections as it is supposed to, so the user has to have plenty of injections for the effects to show. It is cheap, so the need to have lots of it in your system is not a problem to many athletes. As for the side effects, it provides breather to most of the people who are afraid of developing female breast tissue. As for the women you can rest assured that your voice will not deepen. However with the use of nandrolone laurate for a long time, you will notice virilization side effects since the concentration will be too much in the body.

Male athletes will need up to 400mg per week and women will need up to 100mg per week. It is cheaper than many steroids because it is not in high demand.

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